Messy Art & Story Time

IMG 0610Messy Art With StoryTime Class is a fun interactive class. This class is a great way for your child to experience and explore different children's book as well as different materials. Each child will have the opportunity to create their own unique beautiful masterpieces as well as being involved with group projects where all the children of the class will be working on a one big masterpiece together. This class will help improve each child's socialization skills, sharing skills, motor skills, learning skills, interaction skills. This class will also give each child the ability to experience something new and exciting through the magic of art. During this class....your child will develop new friendships with other children from Astoria and the surrounding areas. Parents will benefit from this they will see their child's development blossom even more and they will experience the artist within their child emerging right in front of their eyes. Parents will also have the opportunity to make new friends too with other locals parents within this class.





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