Kids Boot Camp

bootcamp 2021 flyerThis fitness program has been specifically designed to take young children with basic movement patterns, and transform them into dynamic , athletic, and healthy kids of the future.  Whether your looking for your child to get into shape or prepare them for a future of sports, this program is for them. Sessions include obstacle courses and circuit training. Varying modalities and Intensity levels in order to progress your child’s skills and strength development. Battle ropes, hurdles, ladders , bosu balls, medicine balls, speed and agility drills are just some of the tools we use. With heavy emphasis on discipline, respect , fair play and attention to details! Many children who have come through this program at an early age have gone on to win trophy’s and excel in their chosen sports or activities. Not only will your kids get super fit,  but they will love the process! Mr Nick is a NASM certified personal trainer and a Youth Exercise Specialist. With close to 10 years industry experience from youth fitness to elite level training. Nick is also a Renzo Gracie brown belt under Prof Magno Gama.





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