capoeiraCapoeira is a Brazilian Martial Art that involves learning self defense, acrobatics, music and dance simultaneously and is a good way to keep your child in peak health. Basic kicks and dodges and advance movements of Capoeira that has a bit of gymnastics. Also discipline, respect, coordination, agility while learning self-defense through Capoeira.

Stimulates the mind and body, engages interaction with fellow students, teaches the importance of being healthy, and also teaches the Brazilian culture and language and music.

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About Capoeira Luanda:

Capoeira Luanda is an organization that practices, teaches, and preserves the Afro-Brazilian martial art of Capoeira. Capoeira Luanda practices a style of Capoeira known as Capoeira Regional Contemporanea. This style is derived from movements and sequences developed by Mestre Bimba, as well as influences and evolutions of Capoeira from the founding Mestres of Capoeira Luanda.

Capoeira Luanda was founded after a long process of research and study under the direction and guidance of Mestre Jelon Vieira. Today, Capoeira Luanda has spread internationally with centers and academies in the United States, Singapore, Holland, Brazil, Germany, Spain, France, Peru, Costa Rica, Colombia, Italy, and Turkey.


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