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My two year old daughter and I absolutely love the Messy Art class at Gym-Azing with the teacher, Ms. Melissa! :-)
My daughter enjoys painting and exploring with various paint colors and materials. She's learning how to use a paintbrush, but she especially loves using her hands to paint! The class always starts with an interactive read aloud where Ms. Melissa encourages all the children to participate. She creatively finds ways to tie in the books to the art activities. Ms. Melissa is very kind, patient, creative, animated, and full of energy. She makes it very fun for the little ones! I highly recommend this class!! :-)
Date of Posting: 07 July 2016
Posted By: Johanne
My daughter and I have really loved Messy Art with StoryTime with MELISSA! She is so patient with the kids and so passionate about her instruction! Each week week have had wonderful art projects to go home with after listening to books about nature, family, magic, etc. STORYTIME really reinforces words with pictures, helping verbal skills, and all the hands-on ART encourages a lot of creativity & fun, while working on their motor skills. We really enjoy the class! Socializing during open play after has been a big plus too! Bubbles, parchutes, slides, instruments, see-saws- you name it, they got it! Very positive & stimulating environment and experience!
Date of Posting: 30 June 2016
Posted By: Holly D.
Mom of 1 yr old, Astoria
My son is in massy art class, he is having so much fun there, its a perfect place for children to play and to learn. I'm so happy for him now he can speak better and he is more friendly ☺️
Date of Posting: 27 June 2016
Posted By: Blerina
We hosted our daughter's 2nd birthday party here last weekend. We had kids of various age group from 1 -7, like others have said they had lot of fun with bubble machine,face painting, basket ball and good music. Its very well organized. We didn't know about this place but we became a fan soon.
I would also say the facility was very clean and they had air conditioner on all the time, as it was very hot that day outside. Highly recommend this place.
Date of Posting: 06 August 2015
Posted By: Jay R.
From Yelp
I hosted my son's first birthday at Gym-Azing this past weekend and cannot recommend them enough! Face painting, bounce house, freeze dance, limbo, basketball, sit and spin, balloon making, bubble machine....our little guests had a wonderful time and I heard several parents remarking on what a gem this place is! Also the DECOR is so festive and included in the package truly felt like a birthday celebration and not a gym- they did a great job of transforming the space.

Not only were the activities wonderful, well timed and engaging but the lovely hostesses were energetic, smiling and just great to work with. I had absolutely NOTHING to worry about!

The owner, Tina, is also a lovely person to work with and I am so happy to support her business. I am a fan of small business because of the personal touch the proprietors often have and Tina is a great example of this. She communicated and answered all my questions and ensured I was comfortable with the flow of the day. I can't think of anything negative to say other than I wish I had ordered more food!!! The parents were enjoying themselves so much (since the girls did such a great job of keeping the kids entertained) that they helped themselves to the catered lunch and managed to relax (as much as you can with small children in tow anyway)!

Seriously, you can't go wrong here! Thank you Tina and staff, thanks to all of your efforts, my son's first birthday will always be remembered as a very special day filled with smiles and the laughter!
Date of Posting: 12 October 2012
Posted By: Diana E.
From Yelp, Astoria
My twin toddlers attend the weekend art class here and i cannot stress how it is a NONSTOP show for the entire 45 minutes. The teachers are amazing singers who easily command attention (and get it) from a group of about 15 little ones - which is no easy feat! Some songs become ritual, (meaning you always sing the same hello & goodbye songs) which helps them learn the songs and feels comforting to hear a song they know. The 45 minute class is filled with singing, dancing, bubbles, drum playing, and art. We've attended a couple of classes so far, and each class has introduced a different form of art to the kids. Crayons, water-paints, clay, and last class they were given a much thicker paint (don't know what its called) and some paint brushes - which every kids squealed with delight! in case you are wondering, they are given little smocks (similar to a mini plastic cooking apron) and after art portion, the kids get a chance to clean up their little hands (and sometimes feet) at a warm water bucket.
My boys take 4-5 classes a week at different locations and I have to say, that while this class is a bit out of the way for us, it is definitely their favorite!
Oh - one last thing to mention. The class after ours is some kind of brazilian capoeira class for kids that look to be about 8-10 yrs old (my best guess). Anywho... i don't know how long they've been taking these classes for, but they are AMAZING to watch!! It speaks volumes about the kind of instruction that is given here. Wish you guys open up another location in LIC :)
Date of Posting: 02 July 2012
Posted By: Michelle P.
From Yelp, LIC
Love coming here for my TRX workouts. Kelly gives a good session all the time. It is a wonderful place to workout and since it is small and private it is a very comfortable environment. All should give the TRX a try!!
Date of Posting: 28 March 2011
Posted By: Kaity S.
From Yelp, Astoria
My friend had her baby's 1st birthday at this really nice childrens yoga studio in Astoria. The staff were so nice and helpful. The facility is clean, and while a bit small, it was perfect for the 8 or so kids and 20 adults in attendance. All the kids had a great time, whether bouncing in the small blow up castle, playing with the parachute or just dancing and singing to the music.

After a couple hours of playing, we went down to the party room for pizza, soda, coffee, and cake. The party room is decorated pretty whimsically with balloons and butterflies. Although I haven't been to any other 1st birthday parties, I'd definitely recommend it for a fun birthday experience. I'm sure it would work better for older kids (in the age 3-10 range). The kids who attended the party in that age range had a great time. The babies had fun, but were definitely over stimulated and tired after a bit. The birthday girl definitely left the party asleep, after having a really fun time.
Date of Posting: 27 February 2011
Posted By: Tammy L.
From Yelp, Astoria

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