trx01What is TRX Suspension Training?

TRX Suspension Training is an effective all body exercise system that is both effective and fun. It was developed by a Navy Seal for use by people to maintain top fitness.

Who can benefit?

Great for people of all abilities and fitness levels that leverages your own body weight and gravity to develop you strength, agility, balance and flexibility all at once!

trx02How is TRX different than weight training and other forms of training?

TRX Suspension Training differs in that you are exercising your body in a much more true-life way. Weight lifting trains each muscle in a linear fashion, but suspension training utilizes the small muscles that help stabilize the body to a much greater degree. This in affect burns more calories, improves balance, flexibility, and joint mobility better than traditional weight training.

Is it challenging?

Suspension training provides a great fitness challenge the body itself is used as resistance creating angles and positions geared to engage the core in a ll exercises. It will allow you to build muscle and improve your core strength for superior performance in sports or in daily life.